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Podcast Preview

“Cracking the Reality Code” is a podcast and website that helps us navigate the tumultuous times we find ourselves in through connecting with the innermost core of our Being. With our collective consciousness drastically polarized with fear-mongering narratives and opposing viewpoints, “Cracking” provides a forum and voice to engage with the world from a more enlightened perspective.

We realize this shift cannot happen without a deep dive into our personal repressions, traumas and wounds that keep us programmed and operating in the dark. This reactivity feeds a polarization that creates an “enemy” through projecting our wounds on a larger collective “outside” of ourselves.

We will integrate these two aspects — our unlimited Self as our ground of being and shine light on our conditioned, programmed, and illusionary self-identity to let go of our limitations.

“Cracking” will simultaneously explore new understandings in quantum physics and neuroscience, the perennial wisdom of our enlightenment/non-dual traditions, and the burgeoning use of visionary medicines used by indigenous cultures which point to a deepening realization of what we really are.

Previously recorded podcasts are available here: Cracking The Reality Code