Welcome to Our Website

The Cracking the Reality Code Podcast and supporting website are a collaborative of a core group of people from different spiritual paths and orientations.  They share a non-dual understanding: we are all the same essence.  We provide a forum for awakening to examine through conversation and inquiry into our true nature and the obstacles and false beliefs that keep us from living it.

Given the polarities dividing humanity and the Earth potentially on the brink of disaster, we reexamine our understanding of spirituality to develop a practical application. The promise is to use whatever is happening right now to shift our perception to a more enlightened perspective and understanding.  It is this direct experience of our core freedom that is the destination and heart of most wisdom traditions.

While religions have had a place in creating a certain order and structure, at the surface level they often become constricted, divisive and dogmatic.  “Cracking the Reality Code” is about moving us out of this belief-based reality to one verified by our direct experience.

We explore a deepening realization of our infinite, impersonal nature as human beings by seeing through the core wounds and traumas that create separation and misplaced identity. So instead of disassociating from the darkness, we can lean into it to unlock its real power.  This “shadow work” is essential in acknowledging the armor, repression, and self-defeating beliefs that separate us.

What we DON’T talk about:

  • “Us VS them” narratives.
  • Fear-driven polarities.

Our website, crackingtherealitycode.com, includes reference materials and provides additional depth.  We hope that in ways large and small it will assist you on your journey!