“Love comes with a knife, not some shy question, and not with fears for its reputation!”   Rumi


At this moment, Love has a knife at our throats. Love is not shyly asking, “please wake up”, rather it’s a demand in the form of extreme discomfort that doesn’t care if we like it or not, only that we get the point.

When we see through the mirage of thought ~ the untrue stories we fall asleep to ~ then we stand ready to take the position of true leadership within ourselves, no longer looking ‘out there’ for something or someone to save us, instead claiming and internalizing what we already know is True.

Willingly embarking on the arduous journey of unraveling the false from the true takes a lot of effort and courage. Looking honestly into the shadow of our own ego is a tremendous feat that cannot be taken lightly or treated as insignificant. While the journey is ever-more, where we stand now is a marker – a different station where we are awake enough to know we can no longer claim ignorance and can no longer blindly follow any illusion-based idea, our own or those of others for that train has left the station and Love has a knife at our throat, “Get real”.

We stand in awe of this amazing Presence, this Power of Life that cannot be negotiated with as something separate from ourselves. Instead, we can enter into sacred relationship with this Power as The Beloved. A Love relationship with the Light of our Being has nothing to do with ego dreams of grandiosity, for this Love doesn’t focus on anything ‘out there’ as primary at all. Quite the opposite, when we surrender the separate and limited view of the split and insane ego mind, the natural, innate Intelligence governing all also governs our vision, seeing simply and clearly what is Divine in us as well as what isn’t.

Regardless of what dreams the ego mind conjures up, we can remain peaceful and vigilant at the same time, protecting through no wimpy Love the hard-won Light within our own recognition. By staying in direct communion with the Christ-like, Divine nature of our true Being, we fan the flame of Preciousness that has been bestowed upon and within us.


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